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We are the FIRST wellness company in the country to focus EXCLUSIVELY on the mental side of weight loss.

Why? Because your employees already KNOW they should be exercising and eating right. But without their minds on their “team,” it is virtually impossible.Even the most well-rounded and well-funded wellness programs are experiencing HUGELY disappointing results in the weight management division of their overall strategy.

What DOESN’T WORK when it comes to long term weight loss?
Diets, which fail in 95-98% of all cases, impair metabolic rates and create an unnatural obsession with food.


Learning how to overcome “emotional eating,” which is basically turning to food to deal with overwhelm, stress, depression, anxiety, boredom, confusion, exhaustion and dehydration. The truth is, emotional eating can, and often is, as overpowering as alcoholism or drug dependency. And simply offering nutritional guidance and exercising regularly, although critical to any overall health strategy, is like putting a small strategy, is like putting a small bandaid on a gaping wound. When it comes to overcoming overeating … you’ve got to make learninghow to manage your emotions a priority and a daily practice until you master them. In fact, for immediate results, it has to be on the dashboard of your priorities rather than in the back seat where it is far more likely to be ignored. 

That’s where we come in! We offer the most powerful behavioral modification training in the world focusing on “Mindful Eating” with strategies recommended by obesity experts and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). But we take the emotional education component required for real change to the next level…and far beyond anyone in the wellness world (so far!)
We don’t promise a quick fix solution…those clearly fail. What we do offer is a sustainable “mindful eating” model that will allow your employees to lose weight gradually AND keep it off for a lifetime. No more yoyo dieting or deep deprivation eating. Our approach is “natural and intuitive” eating, based on physical hungers vs. emotional hungers. And we guarantee it is the solution you’ve been looking for!