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Meet our Founder and The Mindful Eating Method Program Creator: Elizabeth ‘Lily’ Hills,
Emotional Eating Expert, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Executive Peak Performance Coach and the former radio host for Sparkpeople.com, the #1 Health/Fitness site in America with over 16 million members.
A fully recovered food addict, Lily’s personal mission is to help to turn around the 
obesity epidemic that is costing corporations billions of dollars in health care costs and robbing employees of peace of mind, peak potential and true well-being. Her #1 Amazon Bestseller, Your Diet Detox– How to Love the  Body You Have As You Create the Body You Want (formerly The Body Love Manual), has been called “A work of monumental importance to women everywhere,” and is also the winner of USA Book News Best Book of the Year Award.

The Mindful Eating Method Add-On Options
Full Day Training
Elizabeth ‘Lily’ Hills, creator of The Mindful Eating Method online training, will come to your company headquarters and kick off your wellness offering launch with a one day seminar (approximately 7 hours) that explores the fundamentals of eating in alliance with your body for permanent, pleasurable and natural weight loss. The purpose of the initial training is to give employees a thorough understanding of the program structure and provide an in depth explanation and exploration of all the elements of the online training including stress reduction mastery techniques.
Weekly Webinars for 3 Month Jump Start (12 Weeks) or Annual Plan (49 Weeks)
In the weekly webinars hosted by program creator Elizabeth ‘Lily’ Hills, employees have the option to join in on an interactive webinar where Lily will address a specific topic related to eating in harmony with your physical appetites vs. emotional appetites, stress reduction mastery and work/life balance. In this dedicated and private forum Lily will answer individual questions related to any challenges employees face as they overcome habitual overeating patterns. Webinars can also be recorded so that they can be made available to any employees that are unable to attend the online meeting. These educational and motivational online team meetings are designed to keep employees on track as they develop new healthier patterns around food, exercise and stress management. Webinars have been shown to sustain engagement through social interaction, challenges, incentives and outcomes.
Weekly Inspirational Emails: Monday Morning Motivators
An alternative or compliment to weekly webinars, employees would receive purpose driven, inspirational and educational emails designed to keep their relationship with food and their bodies on the dashboard of their priorities so that they can see results, both in terms of weight loss and stress reduction, at the optimum pace. These “reminder” emails will support employees in developing and maintaining the healthy eating/exercise patterns that are primarily established by reinforcement through repetition. 

* The program add-on options can be modified/combined to work within your overall wellness strategy