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The Online Program in Juicy Detail


The online training was developed to support your employees in returning to “natural” eating,
in response to true physical hunger rather than emotional “hunger.” This allows for gradual,
permanent, healthy, and pleasurable weight loss. Our online program accessibility meets the needs of your employees, whom studies  have  shown prefer (by a margin of 83%) a “do-it-yourself” program
model that is not a “diet” and that they can use at their own discretion and tailor to their unique schedule.Note:  Program accessible on computer and smart phones
The Online Program includes an 11-course audio curriculum that educates your employees on:

* The science behind why diets don’t work

* A mindful eating model – providing a moderate approach to eating a wide variety of food options without the overly restrictive      guidelines that lead to more emotional eating

* Specific guidance on how to differentiate physical hunger from emotional hunger so they can lose excess weight the natural way

* Specific strategies to manage emotional appetites with breathing/meditation/distraction techniques and alternative forms of        pleasure/satisfaction

* How to identify what is at the root of emotional eating habits

* How to identify internal and external triggers that lead to overeating

* How to set and meet personal goals around physical exercise

* How to develop support networks for interaction, encouragement, and accountability

The Video Training Section

Addresses specific challenges your employees face in their daily lives and how to eat mindfully and in moderation:

• While traveling

• In the workplace

• During vacation/holidays/special events

• While raising a family

• During extra stressful life circumstances

The Written Materials (Power Tools) section includes

* A colorful “goal” sheet to keep daily practices on the dashboard of employees priorities

* A 30-Day jumpstart program that will help employees ease into a new way of relating to food and their body

* A food diary (obesity studies show these are key to permanent weight loss.)

* Strategies for dealing with the “day after” binges to get back on a healthy track quickly

* A holiday/party strategy sheet so that moderate eating is practiced in social settings

* Physical postures and practices to avoid overeating

* Specific guidance for eating out (a time when many tend to overeat)

Finally, there is a users forum to address employee questions to the program creator and emotional eating expert, Elizabeth Lily Hills.

Here employees will have the opportunity to ask specific questions and receive personalized support.

The Mindful Eating Method Wellness Program
The Mindful Eating Method Online Training is the most comprehensive and immersive online training in the world for overcoming overeating. The program aligns with the recommendations from the world’s leading obesity experts as well as those of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).