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In Addition to the Mindful Eating Method Online Training, We Offer in Person Trainings by Our Founder and Program Developer, Elizabeth “Lily” Hills.


Full and Half Day Retreats:
Our founder and program creator Elizabeth ‘Lily’ Hills will come to your company headquarters and kick off your program launch with a one day seminar (4 or 7 hour options) that explores the fundamentals of eating in “alliance” (harmony) with your body for permanent, pleasurable and natural weight loss. The purpose of the initial training is to give employees a thorough understanding of the Mindful Eating Method structure and provide an in depth explanation and exploration of all the elements of the online training including stress reduction mastery techniques.
Your Employees are Going to Love the Program Because They:

* Will learn how to reach their healthiest weight the natural way … pleasurably and permanently

* Won’t have to diet or deny themselves their favorite foods for a lifetime (yum!)

* Will be learning how to overcome emotional eating … for good!

* Can access the training at their convenience… 24/7 (double yay!!!)

* Will lose a tremendous amount of optional stress (that’s a doozy)

* Will be free from an unnatural obsession with food (that’s worth a billion dollars)

* Will feel super empowered (more energy, less pain, more physical freedom)

* Won’t have to buy any pills or pre-packaged meals (bonus!)

* Can be a role model for their kids (SUPER important)

* Learn to take full responsibility for their health…which will thrive.

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Note: Program accessible on computer and smartphones