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How are We Different from Other Programs?


Despite the massive internal efforts and billions of dollars being invested in employees through corporate wellness weight management programs, the overwhelming majority of wellness managers are finding that they are not able to help their employees achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Even the most well-rounded and well-funded wellness programs that incorporate “pay to engage” incentive programs, stress reduction training, group/team fitness challenges, personal health coaching, and health screenings are experiencing disappointing results.


Why Are These Approaches Not Working?

As the stress of modern-day living increases, more so than ever, your employees are dealing with complex and intense emotional and physical states (i.e. anxiety, boredom, overwhelm, depression, frustration, exhaustion, dehydration, etc.). Many of your employees are overeating simply because they are unable to manage the emotions that accompany the multiple stresses in their lives: work demands, family conflicts, self-esteem issues, relationship challenges, health concerns and strained finances.

Emotional eating has become the coping mechanism of choice to temporarily avoid/lessen uncomfortable emotional states, which are accompanied by a “flight or fight” biochemistry (i.e. excess adrenaline, cortisol, norepinephrine). Eating temporarily blocks out challenging emotions as the food provides an immediate pleasurable distraction. However, it’s a short-lived distraction that, over time, leads to the excess weight that becomes yet another stress to manage.

Your Overweight/Obese Employees:
  • 1.  Don’t yet know how to fully cope up with difficult emotions
  • 2.  Have not made their health/weight loss goals a primary focus
  • 3.  Haven’t been using sustainable or effective weight loss strategies and instead have been using diets, appetite suppressants    and  extreme fasting, further exacerbating the problem
  • 4.  Haven’t had the significant, round-the-clock support required to overcome overeating
  • 5.  Haven’t had a clear understanding of the factors that have contributed to their weight management issues/obesity
  • 6.  Have often given up on their weight loss goals out of confusion and hopelessness

The Mindful Eating Method online training was designed specifically to address each of these barriers to weight loss and fill this significant gap in the wellness world.

It is the FIRST online training in the country to focus predominantly on the “mental” game of weight loss, teaching your employees how to overcome the emotional eating habits and sedentary lifestyles that lead to weight problems and health issues.The program is a “full immersion” training, available 24/7 at the touch of a button, which allows your employees to work around their own busy schedules to put their health on the dashboard of their priorities, rather than in the back seat where it can get overlooked indefinitely.

Many corporate wellness programs are focusing on external measures (nutrition education and recommendations/strategies for a higher level of physical activity), and while these focuses area vital part of any wellness program, without comprehensive “emotions management” and“mindful eating” training, success rates will continue to fall flat.

The idea of “mindfulness trainings,” is now widely recognized as a highly effective approach to decreasing stress levels in the workplace and improving worker productivity. However, there are currently very few “mindfulness” trainings dealing with specifically with emotional eating. That’s what makes our program so unique to the market.

Our training is one of a kind…

Daily Motivation:

Consistent daily access to educational the behavioral modification training in the early stages of changing employees automatic responses to stress-induced eating habits helps them to stages of changing employees automatic responses to stress-induced eating habits helps them to them to assimilate the new healthier eating behaviors with greater ease.

This boosts employee confidence as they learn how to redirect the stress-producing thoughts that make them turn repeatedly to food and find powerful and calming alternatives to eating to manage their difficult emotions.

When they believe that they are capable of losing extra weight, then their thinking helps them to create calmer emotional states which reduces emotional appetites. We have made the program simple to navigate, enjoyable to engage in and a a reliable source for information and inspiration during even the most challenging days.